Request for strains of pythium and phythophtora

guillermino.martins at guillermino.martins at
Wed Aug 28 08:33:25 EST 1996

We are working on methods like PCR to differenciate strains of Pythium 
and Phythophtora, pathogenics to vegetable (legumes, plants...). We have 
not enough strains in our laboratory, so we are looking for species like :
- Pythium ultimum, oligandrum, aphanidermatum,...
- Phythophthora megasperma, parasitica, infestans,...

If you are storing such strains, we would be very grateful if you were 
willing to send us 1 or 2, or more...


G. Martins
Laboratoire de Microbiologie
Technopole de Brest-Iroise
29280 Plouzane

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