The last matsutake

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Tue Dec 10 00:36:46 EST 1996

In regards to:
  "If you care to cultivate some, I'll be happy to send you sample free
autoclavable/microvented bags and ophotos of mushrooms grown in our bags !
 You will then enjoy your fruitings well unto the winter !"

    Some mushrooms are mycorhizal, such as chanterrelles and matsutakes. 
They must grow symbioticly with root systems of certain trees.  Thay
cannot be grown in bags.  Some mushrooms are not.  These would include
hericium and oysters and shitakes. They can be grown in bags, or at least
on logs.

So, happy cultivating-
but when it comes to matsutakes-
to everything there is a season.

Jim Berlstein, BFD

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