Mushroom cultivation

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Thu Dec 12 21:39:21 EST 1996

Steve Davies wrote:
> Trygve Gulbrandsen wrote:
> >
> >interested in exploring the possibilities of growing mushrooms 
> >like shitake and oysters.
> > Do anyone know of litterature for starters and/or European companies
> > trading with seed?

> Get hold of a copy of "Growing Gourmet & Medicinal Mushrooms" by Paul
> Stamets, ISBN: 0-89815-608-4 available from the author's company, Fungi
> Perfecti: mycomedia at or  This is a must for
> the specialty mushroom grower.
> --
> Steve Davies

Also, check our web site starting at:
We have posted two info sheets we wrote for the US Dept of Agriculture 
(as well as a lot of other info).  They are accessible from our 
'Archives' page whrere you will find links to cultivation information 
from Ohio State University and other sources.

. . .and try to sign up for the on-line 
FUNGUS newsletter.

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