cortinarius and amanitas from Spain

Geoff Steckel gwes at
Sun Dec 15 17:10:27 EST 1996

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>I write from Spain where I work as biologist. Here I have found a new 
>place with the poisonous Cortinarius orellanus in the mountains called 
>Gredos. Is the first time this mushroom had been gathered in the region 
>called Ávila. I also have found new places in Spain with big crops of 
>boletus edulis, Amanita caesarea, morchellas and other kind of very useful 
>mushrooms.It would be very interesting for our forest and for the people 
>who lives in our land if mushrooms will become a new ecological resource. 
>May somebody help us, how this mushrooms must be comercializated (get into 
>the market), Anybody knows e-mail, web or ordinary directions of european 
>mushroom buyers ?

In some developing countries (sorry, no references, but check the New
Scientist magazine) managed collection of edible mushrooms has produced
as much money income for local residents as the cut wood has.
This provides an incentive for the locals to -not- cut the wood, preserving
the forest.

	good luck,
	geoff steckel

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