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> Jack,
> Very well put !!!!
> I think its great to have concern for the environment, however, I
> think the cause could be furthered more effectively if people like
> Regis wouldn't criticize and jump to conclusions so quickly. I
> believe its called sensationalism...and after all we have the media
> for that purpose.
> regards,
> Tom Scola
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Probably you don't know who Regis Courtecuisse is... he has been
working for several years in the French project for mapping and
protection of fungi, and he certainly does know which factors
can affect production of fungi and which cannot... so he certainly
is not the kind of person who jumps quickly to sensationalist
conclusions. The fact that it hasn't been proved that picking
mushrooms is harmful for subsequent fruiting doesn't mean that
we can behave as if fungi existed just to be eaten by humans;
their place is in the woods, and commercial use of fungi is too
often associated with the spoiling of their habitat; I think that
Courtecuisse's fear is this, and I agree with him.
This doesn't mean that pollution and other factors are not
responsible for the disappearing of some species in some regions,
but it means that over-exploitation of woods is also dangerous.

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