cortinarius and amanitas from Spain

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Dear fellow mycologists
I don't have details on additional studies regarding the effect of 
harvesting on mushroom production, etc.  but I thought I would let you know 
about a book that is at the publisher now that deals with this topic in 
general - it is Mycology in Sustainable Development: Expanding Concepts, 
Vanishing Borders  edited by myself and Ignacio Chapela.  The book contains 
the proceedings from a "workshop" on the topic at the Mycological Society of 
America meeting in San Diego in August 1995.  One of the topics covered is 
'Non-timber forest products" - especially fungi in this case.  Redhead 
provides an excellent overview chapter - then three following chapters deal 
specifically with the harvest of wild mushrooms (esp. the Pine Mushroom - 
American Matsutake) in Canada, the Pacific Northwest, and Mexico.  All had a 
different focus and perspective due to regional differences.  There is an 
excellent example of managed collection of fungi and managed use of forests 
in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Additionally, Pilz and Molina state that in the Pacific 
NW the income from a stand of trees over its typical rotation time-period 
can be worth more than the one time  harvest of the trees.   Social and 
regulatory aspects are addressed as well as review of information on 

If you are interested in the book you can contact the publisher - Parkway 
Publishers Inc. at aluri at or  The book is about 315 pages and 
costs $40.

We are interesting in additional discussion of the topic at hand - as well 
as other aspects of Mycology in Sustainable Development (biocontrol, novel 
products, etc. etc.).  If you are interested in participating please let me 
know (maryp at

Mary Palm

From: Regis.Courtecuisse
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Subject: Re: cortinarius and amanitas from Spain
Date: Monday, December 16, 1996 1:57PM

In article <v02140b04aed7cb6d4a12@[]>,
jmurphy at TFM.FMNH.ORGMurphy says...
>Dear fellow mycologists;
>        Regarding the recent discussion concerning use of fungi as a
>resource, and concerns about the conservation of fungi...
>        I admit to sometimes holding strong environmentalist tendencies,
>and I certainly relate to R. Courtecuisse's  sentiments -
>        But what concerns me is the scientific documentation for these
>        Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, but in
developing informed management plans for fungi we really need more data.
>Does anyone know of studies which have concluded a detrimental effect on
fungi by collecting?
>Jack Murphy
Hi !
Thanks Jack for the precision. Of course I knew Eef Arnold's reference
(but not Lorelei Norvell's one -thanks for it) and I must aggree with
these objective studies results. I also have another reference from the
last european meeting in Wageningen (1995) : S.Egli from Switzerland told
something about the influence of harvesting fruitbodies on the
macromycetes. Unfortunately, I don't have the summary at hand at the
moment but I (think I) remember (well) that one of the conclusions
concerned the trampling on the soil ground, which was harmful to mycelia
though compacting the soil. (I promise to look for the paper and to post
the result of my investigations with this communation).
The point is to know if people collect fungi and will ever collect them
without destroying mycelia (some methods of collecting are really harmful
and short-sighted) and without walking, trampling and compating too
But, I aggree that my reaction was perhaps a little bit too much
aggressive and pessimistic. Nevertheless, I would be enclined not to be
decidedly optimistic. We must keep a strong concern about the collecting
practices and the potential threat they apply on forest and fungal

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