Seattle Mycophiles-shameless self-promotion here.

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Wed Dec 18 18:18:43 EST 1996

I will be giving a slide show at the January 14th meeting of the Puget
Sound Mycological Society.  The following blurb should appear in the
January newsletter.

"Mushrooms you should know: Tales of beauty and power from the fungal
     Jim Berlstein has been an amateur mycologist for 25 years.  Although
he a BS degree in biology from Yale University, and an MS degree in
aquaculture from University of Washington, Jim has found that full-time
employment interferes with mushroom season to such a great extent that it
cannot be tolerated.  Jim currently makes a living tutoring high school
students in all math and science subjects, as well as SAT preparation.   
	Jim gave a talk at the 1994 Breitenbush mushroom conference on the
"urban psilocybes," which was well received by the old hippies who managed
to stay awake through it (Jim Trappe snored loudly in the front row). Jim
also wrote an article for Mushroom Magazine many years ago describing a
time when he saved a cat from death by spraying hydrogen peroxide down
it's throat, after it 
had consumed a large amount of dried Amanita Muscaria mushrooms.   
	Jim has been photographing mushrooms for many years, and has
assembled a large collection of slides, some of which are good.  A
conservative mushroom eater, Jim prefers to let you try the questionable
species and tell him about your symptoms, rather than to actually try them
	For better or worse, Jim owes his passion for mushrooms to his
father, George Berlstein, who lives in New York.  George cannot identify
as many species Jim, yet ,somewhat paradoxically, is willing to eat a much
larger variety than his son is willing to eat.  Perhaps this is because he
is older, and so has less to lose, or perhaps it is because those poor
east coast mycophiles have so little to choose from that they must eat
anything they find that is even remotely edible.  Come and see the glory
of the pacific northwest catured in Jim's slides, and pity the fools who
live in New York! 

"Those who have nothing to say usually say it about spelling."
-Jim Berlstein, BFD

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