Mushroom distribution

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Fri Dec 20 12:55:14 EST 1996

>Andy Gillett <andyg at> wrote:
>>I am interested in finding out the distribution of mushrooms (in
>>particular edible to human and animal) within Europe, Russia and CIS
>>countries.  Does anyone know of any resources (digital or hard-copy) 
>>that are available, such as maps, or know of any contacts that would be
>>useful to contact ?
>>I would be grateful for any information,
>>Andy Gillett
>>Nottingham University, England.

Dear colleague,

In my book "Guide des Champignons de France et d'Europe" published by 
Delachaux & Niestle in 1994 (co-authored with Bernard Duhem, the 
illustrator), I indicated most of the distributionnal data concerning 
rather rare or sporadical species. Previous to this, I made a wide 
enquiry toward european colleagues and friends, in various countries 
among which are eastern ones. So the given distribution should represent 
rather correctly the actual chorology of species.
The book has been translated in english and published by Collins as 
"Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe" (1995).
I hope this helps.



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