cortinarius and amanitas from Spain

Tom McCloud McCloud at
Mon Dec 30 15:48:21 EST 1996

There is a very readable and informative book titled "Mushrooms:poisons
and panaceas" by Denis R. Benjamin (W.H. Freeman Co. NY ) ISBN
0-7167-2649-1,  which has discussions of amanita toxins as well as other
mushroom toxins.  In the case of the Amanitas, both the inhibitors of
RNA polymerase (amatoxins) and isoxazoles are discussed in far to great
detail to post here.                    Tom McCloud 

BBathm3939 wrote:
> Buenos noches,  Do you know anything about the poisonous Amanitas in
> Europe?  Exactly, how do they poison the liver?  And are the early effects of vomiting and diarrhea due to the amatoxins or other more conventional poisons?  How, exactly, is the RNA polymerase system affected by the amatoxins?  What are your thoughts?  BBathm3939 at AOL

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