Dictionay of the Fungi

"David Brayford ", IMI D.BRAYFORD at cabi.org
Thu Feb 1 06:19:55 EST 1996

Very recently the book suppliers for CAB INTERNATIONAL in North America have 
changed from Tucson, AZ, over to Oxford University Press in Cary, NC.   Here 
is the address:

Oxford University Press
Customer Services Department
2001 Evans Road
North Carolina  27513
Tel: 919 677 0977  or 800 445 9714
Fax: 919 677 1303

If you have any problems, or want to know about anything other than their 
books, CABI can be reached by email on: cabi at cabi.org

The Dictionary should be available from your friendly, neighbourhood 
myco-bookstore too.

Dave Brayford

To: mycology
Subject: Re: Dictionay of the Fungi
Date: 01 February 1996 4:29

>                   *******
>I called information in Tuscon, AZ and they have no listing for
>CAB International there. Does anyone know if they publish under
>a different name in the U.S. or better yet, what their US phone
>number is (or email address)?

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