Dictionay of the Fungi

Jeremy Hayter jhayter.niab.hr at GTNET.GOV.UK
Fri Feb 2 07:24:11 EST 1996

>I called information in Tuscon, AZ and they have no listing
>for CAB International. Does the company go by a different name
>in the U.S.? Do you know their U.S. phone number? If not, how
>about their UK phone number? Any information would be helpful,

That info was from the back cover of the book in question!
HQ (UK):
 Tel (01491) 832111
 Fax (01491) 826090
 Email cabi at cabi.org

North America:
 Tel (800) 528 4841 /(602) 621 7897
 Fax (602) 621 3816

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