glyoxylate enzymes inhibitors known?

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Dear collegues,

I do not adhere to your list, however, Iwould like to get some infos.
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Yeast and other funghi are known to be able to grow on acetate as a sole
carbon source due to the enzymes from the glyoxylate cycle. We now are
working with an Aspergillus strain that does not really die on acetate but
does not really grow either. It seems to be leaky as growth on ethanol is.

We are thus looking for chemical agents that allow us a more stringent
selection on enzymes of the glyoxylate cycle. Are there substances around
(other than acetate) that allow glyoxylate-positive cells to survive
because they can detoxify the agent by metabolization and, the opposite,
are there substances known killing only cells that do have the glyoxylate

I have been asked by my students today and could not answer. Can anybody
help me? I am especially interested in the biosynthesis of methionine.

Thank you very much for your help          Peter Kulmburg

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