Ban the fungi imperfecti.......

Eric Grunden egrunden at
Sun Feb 4 00:39:06 EST 1996

Does anyone else feel that the existence of the so-called
Deuteromycetes is unscientific and many times redundant?
After all, these fungi all have (or have had) sexual states
and so should be placed where they properly belong to best
demonstrate their phylogenetic relationship to other fungi.
I'm at a loss to understand what their placement in a grab-bag
class teaches us, other than their sexual states are rarely
observed. Big Deal! If the caterpillar state of a certain
butterfly is rarely observed, we don't place the butterfly
in a different classification. Help me out here, I'm not
trying to start a flame-war with the deutero-people, just
trying to understand why such an unscientific classification
continues to persist. Can't we just run an analysis on their
ribosomal DNA and place them where they belong?
The Spirit of Nature, a powerful force,
	belongs and returns to its creative source.
- Excerpted from The Collective Works of Johnny Pokerface -

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