FGSC up and running

Kevin McCluskey fgsc at kuhub.cc.ukans.edu
Wed Feb 7 19:34:11 EST 1996

I have just finished fixing the FGSC methods area.  Seems I somehow
lost a " which rendered the listing of methods in the FGN
meaningless.  It works and now there is a succinct listing of
a variety of techniques which have been published in the FGN.
Visit and you will find techniques for nucleic acid extraction,
transformation, and PCR, plus descriptions of a variety of 
cloning vectors and tools for filamentous fungi.  
Also at the FGSC methods area are recipes for growing Aspergillus and
Neurospora. -dont have any recipes for  Nihilcleista flavioides tho.

If you are already familiar with the FGSC web site, please check your
address, I am about to do a major update.


Kevin McCluskey

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