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>We found what appears to be a leccinum both by its
>stature and the scabers on the stipe.
>It was pure white about 8 inches tall and both the
>stipe and the pileas changing slowly to blue where
>cut or bruised.  We dried a portion of one specimen.
>Where we be a good place to go to find out more info
>on this species.  Spores (of dried specimen) were
>elipsoid-fusiform, and aproximately 15 X 5 micro-m.
>This is my first attempt at measuring with a microscope
>so measurement may be in error.
>I would say it was Leccinum scabrum which I am familiar
>with except:  It was pure white.  All parts of the material
>(except tubes) readily stained blue.  It was found on
>trip to northern california coast under second growth
>harvested readwoods mixed with douglas fir and tan oak.

In Dr. Harry Thiers monograph of the boletes of California (California
Mushrooms, A Field Guide to the Boletes, Hafner Press, 1975,
out-of-print), one white Leccinum is listed, _Leccinum californicum_.
But it is listed as being known only from the type locality in El
Dorado Co. and having a context that is "unchanging when exposed". The
spores of L. californicum are listed as 14.5-17.5 X 5.5-6.5 microns. 

Send Dr. Thiers a good description. He can be reached via email at 

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