tuber melanosporum odour analyzed??

Regis.Courtecuisse Regis.Courtecuisse at
Fri Feb 9 06:22:29 EST 1996

In article <4f6ef7$jqm at>, chris at says...
>Does anyone know of any attempts of analyzing chemically the typical 
>flavours of T. melanosporum? Or even synthesizing the "truffle essence" 

Hi !

Some french researchers did the job. I don't have the reference at hand 
right now, but the team leader was Thierry TALOU, working if I remember 
well in Toulouse. Artificial fragrance is also actual I think.
Probably people at the INRA Mushroom Research Station would reply to you 
more efficiently.
I don't have electronic address but the FAX is (33).

Hope this helps.


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