Help identifying leccinum to species

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Fri Feb 9 06:16:36 EST 1996

In article <4ep57a$c9s at>, 7seas at says...
>I am an amateur with access to equipment (microscope) but
>poor library.
>We found what appears to be a leccinum both by its
>stature and the scabers on the stipe.
>It was pure white about 8 inches tall and both the
>stipe and the pileas changing slowly to blue where
>cut or bruised.  We dried a portion of one specimen.

Hi !

The blue staining of your fungus sounds somehow disquieting for a 
Leccinum species...
Some species have bright bleu-green colour at the stipe base but bleu 
staining is unknown to me in the genus (usually outer parts don't 
clearly stain when bruised and flesh turns pink, red, violet, grey, 
We have a very good monograph of Leccinum in Europe for a few months 
(Lannoy & Estades). I can send you the reference to get it if you are 
interested. The book encloses plentyfull of very good colour plates.
The only Leccinum with pure white basidiome and prominent blue (already 
on the unbruised specimens, at the base of the stipe) colour is 
L.cyaneobasileucum, so far recorded only from France and rather rare.
A more complete description and good illustrations would be usefull to 
trace the identity of your specimen. Dis you notice some chemical 
reactions (they are very useful in the genus)...
Hope this helps.


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