Amanita phalloides look alikes in S.E. Asia?

Nathan Wilson nathan at D2.COM
Thu Feb 8 20:37:04 EST 1996

>only that
>it was "straw mushroom" and that it had the same "growth patterns"
>as Amanita phalloides (they didn't explain what they meant by that).

The "straw mushroom" usually refers to Volvariella volvacea, but this is
probably *not* what the Asians are getting A. phalloides confused with.
What they probably are getting it confused with are other species of
Amanita.  According to Gary Lincoff (this is from memory so please don't
hold *him* responsible for the info) there are no deadly Amanitas in at
least some of the Asian countries.  In addition, there are several color
forms of Amanita hemibapha including a pure white one, a brown one and a
light yellow one that are sold in markets.  Amanita hemibapha (a.k.a.
Caesar's Mushroom or Amanita caesarea) occurs here in the eastern US and is
commonly eaten by experienced mushroom collectors.  I don't know of any web
pictures for these species, but the _Fungi of Japan_ has at least some of
them (Volvariella volvacea, A. hemibapha subsp. similis (brown) and A.
hemibapha subsp. javanica (yellow)).  Note that _Fungi of Japan_ also lists
A. virosa, so there are at least some deadly species in Asia.  A.
phalloides, however, appears to be completely absent.

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