Amanita phalloides look alikes in S.E. Asia?

MYCOCHEF mycochef at
Sun Feb 11 20:28:14 EST 1996

  I live in No. Calif. and have heard much about the recent poisonings. 
One resulting in a liver transplant [the 13 year old daughter of the Asian
woman in the East Bay--she is o.k.] and the other ending with the death of
a recent Latino immigrant in Petaluma, Ca.
  I was working with a Guatamalan emigre last week in Sonoma County and he
informed me that the Latino who died was a friend of his.  We attempted to
discuss cross-culturally and with imperfect English and Spanish exactly
what happened.  Apparently the poor guy was, "Picking  'hongos' in a field
and got real sick."  I believe that he thought they were possibly
Volvariella Speciosa but my Central American amigo did not know too much. 
I asked if the dead guy knew much about  mushrooms that grow here and if
he often picked them near oak trees. . . .   Aliso, my friend, did not
know where his former friend usually picked. 
   I don't think that we are going to find out much more from this
particular unfortunate experience.

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