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John L. Olivas wrote:
> Does anyone know when the next North American Conference on Mycorrhiza
> (NACOM) is? Likewise, how does one get on the mailing list?
> Last I heard it was going to be in Berkeley, CA. in the summer of 1996.
> Thanks,
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You can get some information about ICOM from 1st-ICOM Web page 

The following was the information from thier web page..


International Conference on Mycorrhizae 

The First International Conference on Mycorrhizae (ICOM)
and 10th North American Conference on Mycorrhizae
(NACOM) will be held on the Berkeley campus of the
University of California, during the period of August 4th
through 9th, 1996. Meetings and seminars will cover all
aspects of mycorrhizal research. Preconference workshops
and field trips are planned for the period of July 31st through
August 3rd, of 1996. 

If you would like to be placed on the mailing list for registration, 
housing, and abstract forms, please complete the
registration form at the bottom of this page or email your name, address, 
telephone and FAX number to the address
below. The next mailing is anticipated to be in February or March of 
1996. Information will also be periodically updated at the
ICOM worldwide web site: 

 Snail mail can be addressed to:
                                      Program committee members:
      c/o Tom Bruns 
      108 Hilgard Hall 
      Department of ESPM 
      University of California, 
      Berkeley California 94720-3110 
      FAX 510-643-5098 
      email: ICOM at 

                                           Mike Allen 
                                           Caroline Bledsoe 
                                           Tom Bruns 
                                           Randy Molina 
                                           David Read 
                                           Sally Smith 
                                           Torgny Unesta 
                                           program at 

    Suggestions for the program or workshops are welcome and can be 
communicated directly to the program committee at
                                     program at

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