Amanita phalloides look alikes in S.E. Asia?

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>Same disaster also occurred in Japan. Families of Chinese student died
>by poisoning of Amanita phalloides emerged in a park garden in Nagoya.
>They might mistook them as Volvariella volvacea var. volvacea or 
>Volvariella volvacea var. nigricans both widely cultured in southern
>Asian countries. I don't know the cultural characteristics of A.
>or V. volvacea, but their habitat is clearly different. A. phalloides
>is mycorrhizal species, but V. volvacea is saprophytic one.
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I would be interested, and I guess others might be, to get more
information about that case of poisoning, ie, how many peoples were 
involved, what was the symptomatology, treatment and how did they 
recovered, if they did. Has there been any scientific report of the
case ?


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