Thanks, this group is great!

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Mon Feb 12 14:48:07 EST 1996

On 10 Feb 1996, Eric Grunden wrote:

> I just wanted to thank you all for the abundance of helpful
> information about the Alexopoulus text and the Dictionary
> of Fungi. Additionally, your considerate and knowledgeable
> discussion regarding the fungi imperfecti has been most
> enlightening. With morel hunting season rapidly approaching,
> I look forward to reading (and hopefully posting) about
> successful Morchella excursions. Thanks again and happy hunting.
> 						= eg =

I agree. I have really been enjoying and benefitting from the discussions 
lately.  Is anyone interested in starting a discussion on the species concept
 of fungi?  

> PS- Does anyone have the info. (dates and location) about the
> International Mycological Association conference this year?
> Isn't it in Indiana some time this spring?

The Mycological Society of America meets with the American 
Phytopathological Society this July 27-31 in Indianapolis.  -NC

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