PROPOSAL: alt.mushrooms

Sigvard Svensson Sigvard.Svensson at
Tue Feb 13 16:55:52 EST 1996

Were we not disscussing, at least partly, this thing some months ago? As I
remember it an overwhelming majority were against a splitting of
bionet.mycology. This group is by no mean overcrowded with postings. I am
very much against this suggestion.


In article <AshleyB-0602961123270001 at>,
AshleyB at (Ashley Branchfeather) wrote:

>Originaly suggested by The Magic Mushroom Man, alt.mushrooms will be an
>unmoderated newsgroup for discussion of everything related to mushrooms of
>all kinds: hunting, growing, cooking, eating, studying, whatever.
>Follow-up comments to alt.config, please.
>If there is no reason not to, I will create this group on Saturday.

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