Call for photographs for new Paul Stamets' book.

Stamets 1 stamets1 at
Thu Feb 15 09:38:38 EST 1996

Friendly Folks of the Fungi,  

I have just completed an extensive field guide to psilocybin-
producing mushrooms, their allies and close look-alikes. Although 
my collection is extensive, and I have received contributions
from many mycologists across the globe, I am still trying to 
obtain the best possible images. More than 100 species are covered.
(4 of which are sp. nov. published by myself, with Guzman et al.
over the past 15 years.) If any of you have excellent photographs of
these curious fungi,  please e-mail or fax me. The cut-off date is 3 weeks
away. I prefer color transparencies. Please stamp each candidate
photo with your name. The book is world-wide in its coverage. 

The book will be out in October, 1996. 

thanks to all. for more details, please contact me as soon as possible
my address is:              
                                                        paul stamets
                                                        po box 7634
                                                        olympia, wa. 98507
                                                       ph: 360-426-9292
                                                      fax: 360-426-9377


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