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>>Subject: mold colony photos
>>Date: 11 Feb 1996 04:38:03 GMT
>>I am looking for a source of photos of mold (macroscopic) growth on agar
>>I am interested in identification just to the genus level.  I did work for a 
>>pharmaceutical co. that had an excellent poster of photos of growth.  Any
ideas for 
>>sources of photos? Books, net?
>>Send me an e-mail at max at
>This would be great information for all of us.  Please post or follow with 
>this data.  Thanks.

We are building an Image collection of fungi...mostly Medical, veterinary and
environmental important fungi..there are some pictures of colonies  of yeast
and moulds. We are hoping to add descriptions and identification keys for
the list
of fungi that we have...if you are all interested visit our WEB site
at URL
and press the link that mentions the UTMB culture collection "/funtable.htm"
And for those who visit our laboratory site I would appreciate your comments and please fill the comment form that is provided..this will
help us maintain a list so that we can justify our site and make it better.
Right now the server is running in a Ms_Windows 3.1 machine....We are also
hoping to move it to a better machine...if you all feel that this might be a
problem with access attempts/download time ect....

Thank you and enjoy

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