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Thomas O'Dell todell at
Fri Feb 16 14:04:59 EST 1996

Your diagreement appears to be to the *name* of the group, more than its 
content. You may think that there is "very little" about the aspects of 
mycology that interest you, but how long have you been watching this space?
Amature mycologist can and do post questions, opinions and observations 
about all aspects of fungi in which they are interested. In fact at 
certain times threads about where the morels are fruiting or whether ones 
favorite patch of chantrelles have produced this year dominate the group. 
There is no reason to start another fungus related group, and doing so 
will dilute what is here. Far better to give the group a new name or make 
it easier to find somehow. 
BTW did you try browsing the web for mushroom? I suspect that there are a 
number of pages out there that would point you to this group.
T. O'Dell
(professional mycologist and mushroom lover)

On Thu, 15 Feb 1996, bwana wrote:

> I disagree.  For the last six months I have looked for a NG on 
> mushrooms.  My searches come up empty.  I did not know what mycology 
> meant, so I never did a "mycology" key word search.   I believe there 
> are many, many people interested in mushrooms, hunting, growing, cooking, 
> eating, who are not on this newsgroup, but would like to be a newsgroup 
> about mushrooms.  There may be  enough space on this newsgroup for all of 
> the above, but the fact is there is very little of the above on this 
> group.  As my Daddy always said, "even if you have the world's best 
> mousetrap, if you don't have the right packaging and marketing, then 
> there will not be much of a path to your door".  This newsgroup just does 
> not have a very eye catching packaging, this is why there should be a new 
> newgroup started with "mushrooms" in its name. 
> On 14 Feb 1996, Nobert Luschka wrote:
> > I agree with Sigvard Svensson.
> > 
> > Within this group there is enough space for hunting, growing, cooking, 
> > eating, studying, whatever with fungi, mushrooms etc.
> > 
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