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Sun Feb 18 22:56:32 EST 1996

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Thomas O'Dell <todell at> wrote:

>There is no reason to start another fungus related group, and doing so 
>will dilute what is here.

What is here isn't enough: bwana probably isn't the only one not posting
for not knowing. And some people (me included) are put off by the name and
academic content of the group.  Remember, we're not mycologists, many of
us don't feel 'at home' enough to risk posting amateur questions to a
clearly scientific group.

>Far better to give the group a new name or make 
>it easier to find somehow. 

Unfortunately the only way to give the group a new name is to create a new
group and remove the old one.  I'm in the process of doing the first part.
I have no plans for the second...

>BTW did you try browsing the web for mushroom? I suspect that there are a 
>number of pages out there that would point you to this group.

I did this, and found no such pages (this may have changed). I also
searched the group list for 'mushroom' and 'fung'. No luck. This confirmed
what I already suspected: that there are no such groups.

Ashley Branchfeather

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