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Nobert Luschka lus at
Mon Feb 19 06:43:29 EST 1996

Now what is wrong with the newsgroup as it is now?
As said before there is enough space for questions! There is no limit in 
The only thing is that some people could have difficulties to find it. But 
it cannot be the solution to form another group, which to my opinion is not 
found very much better, except for those which are already in the old one. 
The better way would be to create links to improve the possibilities for 
those, which are on the search. A "net" lives out of its links! 

One of the main effects of second newsgroup would be that we would find a 
good part of questions simultaneously in both groups. As most of us would 
have to read both, we would have a good time in trashing away the second copy.

So create new links and improve the accessability of the newsgroup, but 
please don't split up the group! 

Norbert Luschka

Dr. Norbert Luschka
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