Areas of Interest in Pathogenic Fungi?

Alberto Santos III as31909 at
Mon Feb 19 19:37:36 EST 1996

I am a graduate student taking a course in pathogenic fungi.
I will be giving a presentation in the upcoming months on some aspect
of pathogenic fungi.  I was wondering if I could have any pointers on
hot topics of research, drug developments, laboratory techniques, 
differential stains, or anything EXCITING in mygology research that I
may be able to relate.  I take no mycology journals and have no clue as
to what current events are happening in mycology today, except maybe for
the fact that a faction of the bionet.mycology group wants to form a new
alt.* group so as to attract more posters.  *grin*
I would appreciate any help you may be able to offer.
-Alberto Santos III
 Graduate Student
 Department of Biology
 Southwest Texas State University
 as31909 at

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