PROPOSAL: alt.nature.fungi.basidio.hymeno.homo.mushrooms

Keith R. Hartman khartman at
Mon Feb 19 20:21:27 EST 1996

I do not feel that an additional group is needed. I have been reading 
this group for two years now, and have seen both the professionals and 
amatuers post to this group. I have not witnessed any anomosity or 
friction between the two. I am an amatuer "mycologist" (mushroomer) myself 
and have never felt intimidated by the scientific nature of this group. 
The "professionals" that post here show no resentment toward the amatuer 
posts, in fact they sometimes cross the professional line when morel 
season is near to become one of "us". This "us" and "them" mentality is 
the root of question. Mycology is a broad subject and easily includes the 
casual study and collection of mushrooms for consumption. Shrooming is my 
hobby and it has been enhanced through my visits to this group. I enjoy 
reading the scientific posts as much as the hobby posts. As to the 
scientific language use in this group, I do not find this to be a valid 
point. All mushroomers who take up the hobby soon come to know that 
Mycology means the study of fungi. Basic identification of a mushroom 
requires a reference to the latin (or scientific) name in order to 
determine edibility. You learn that the mushroom is the fruiting body, 
and that mycelium is the organism itself. You find out about spores and 
asci. I have even come to realize that I am pretty good mycophogist! If you
are going to take the hobby of mushrooms seriously (be it collecting, eating,
growing, etc) you must become familiar with the scientific names. So I end
with the same question that others have asked: What purpose would a seperate
group serve except to dilute the diversity of this group? Lets stick with
bionet.mycology and stay together. This group is *US*,  not us and them.

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