PROPOSAL: alt.mushrooms

Jeremy Hayter at GTNET.GOV.UK
Tue Feb 20 10:37:35 EST 1996

>Now what is wrong with the newsgroup as it is now?
>As said before there is enough space for questions! There is no limit in 
>The only thing is that some people could have difficulties to find it. But 
>it cannot be the solution to form another group, which to my opinion is not 
>found very much better, except for those which are already in the old one. 
>The better way would be to create links to improve the possibilities for 
>those, which are on the search. A "net" lives out of its links! 
>One of the main effects of second newsgroup would be that we would find a 
>good part of questions simultaneously in both groups. As most of us would 
>have to read both, we would have a good time in trashing away the second copy.
>So create new links and improve the accessability of the newsgroup, but 
>please don't split up the group! 
>Norbert Luschka

I agree with this - keep a single group

Best wishes

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