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Steven Carpenter microbe at PEAK.ORG
Sat Feb 17 10:42:36 EST 1996

While it would be nice to be able to identify molds by macroscopic photos,
if you are in the industrial hygiene sector, this kind if identification
is highly uncertain.  You can be easily fooled by the appearance of a mold
colony on agar, depending on the type of medium used, growth conditions, etc.

Some molds look identical on growth medium, but at microscopic inspection
will reveal they are in different genera, or even in different families.

I have high concerns that the use of any method that doesn't include a
complete microscopic inspection will lead to misdiagnosis of a problem.

Our compan has had to help people out of jams who have done just that!!

-Steven E. Carpenter, Ph.D.
 Cascade Research Associates
  & Abbey Lane Laboratory
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Doug Rice (drice at wrote:
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: >From: max at
: >Subject: mold colony photos
: >Date: 11 Feb 1996 04:38:03 GMT

: >I am looking for a source of photos of mold (macroscopic) growth on agar plates.
: >I am interested in identification just to the genus level.  I did work for a 
: >pharmaceutical co. that had an excellent poster of photos of growth.  Any ideas for 
: >sources of photos? Books, net?

: >Send me an e-mail at max at

: This would be great information for all of us.  Please post or follow with 
: this data.  Thanks.
: Doug

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