wood decay fungi

Sally Fryar Sally.Fryar at FLINDERS.EDU.AU
Wed Feb 21 20:16:46 EST 1996

>I would say this would be a clear indication of several 
>species taking advantage of similar niches and similar 
>conditions in growing on the same branch. 

Thanks for your help.   I tend to think of competing wood decay fungal
species as you have described above.  That is, they are utilising similar
niches and therefore coexisting.  However, I have read several comments
suggesting that it may not be coexistence.  For example, Alan Rayner writes
in the introduction to"The Fungal Community: It's Organisation and Role in
the Ecosystem  (2nd edition)" that depending on how the system is viewed,
wood decay fungi can be seen as either coexisting or mutually exclusive. 
Does anyone have some thoughts on this concept?

S. Fryar 

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