wood decay fungi

Sally Fryar Sally.Fryar at FLINDERS.EDU.AU
Thu Feb 22 07:17:26 EST 1996

Richard Winder wrote:
>Tom is right, but I would like to add:
>It depends on what is meant by "fruit on the same branch".  If it means
>successive fruiting, it is a different story. 

Let me clarify the situation.  In my field site there are branches which
have 2-4 species fruiting at the same time.  The problem is, if we only
observe a branch at one time, then we may view these species as coexisting.
However, the mycelium of one species may be in the process of competitively
excluding the other species.  In this case, the species WITHIN THAT BRANCH
are clearly not coexisting.   But... the fact that the species which is
being overgrown was able to reproduce within that habitat indicates that it
IS coexisting with the dominant species.  

So do you see my problem?


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