Tuber melanosporum

Mark Phibbs phibbs at
Thu Feb 22 21:02:29 EST 1996

In responce to "smith renate" questions;

1)  Black Truffles have been commerically cultvated in New Zealand for
the last 8 years plus. To date there has been only a small collection
of truffles made (and they turned out to T. magnatum!)

2) Franklin Garland wrote an acticle in "Mushroom the Journal, Winter
1993-94 Pg 5 regarding his fisrt truffle find in North America
(although the first T. melanosporum produced outside of Europe was by
Henry Trione in Cal in 1991). Mr Garland gives his address as Garland
Gourmet Mushrooms and Truffles, 3020 Ode Turner Rd, Hillsborough N.C
27278. I tried to contact him myself but have had no response. You
might have more luck contacting Dr. James Trappe (he has an Email
address,but cannot remember where I put it)

3) Truffle sniffer information to follow then I dig up the address for
you ;-)

Mark Phibbs
Claremont Truffles

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