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> I've recently stumbled onto this newsgroup (haven't seen one post
> since I subscribed, so I assume I've got the right place for mushroom
> lovers... if not, could someone steer me to the right newsgroup?), and
> have wondered what success have people had with growing edible
> mushrooms indoors (using a terrarium and the like)?
> Are there particular types that do well indoors in a cultivation
> environment? What methods do you use to acquire, innoculate mediuim,
> and fruit the mushrooms?

I asked virtually the same question here 6 months ago and the unanimous
suggestion was to try Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus Ostreatus). With a
bit of guidance and pre-inoculated medium I now have my own small-scale
mushroom farm in a home made plastic tent in a spare room.

The airing cupboard is now being taken over for inoculating more bags
of compost.

In the USA you can get materials from Fungi Perfecti at mycomedia at
or MycoMedia at or MYCOMEDIA at AOL.COM. They use all these variations
on their literature but one of them must work.

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