N Louise Glass glass at UNIXG.UBC.CA
Fri Feb 23 17:05:04 EST 1996


	The 18th Fungal Genetics Meeting will be held March 18-23, 1997 
in Asilomar, CA.  The format of the meeting will include four morning plenary
sessions on four selected topics, Metabolism and Gene Regulation; Cell
Biology and Pathogenesis; Sexual and Asexual Development; Evolution and 
Population Genetics.  There will be four workshop sessions and three 
poster sessions.  Proposals and suggestions for workshop topics and
potential organizers are now invited and should be submitted before 31
MAY, 1997 to either Dr. N. Louise Glass, Biotechnology Laboratory, University
of British Columbia, VANCOUVER, B.C. V6T 1W5 Canada; E-mail: 
glass at FAX: 604 822 6097 or to Dr. Michael J. Hynes, 
Department of Genetics, University of Melbourne, PARKVILLE, VIC. 3052 
Australia; E-mail: hynes_lab at FAX: 613 9344 5139

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