Sarcodon (Hydnum) fuscoindicum collected commercially?

BrianMc brianmc at
Sat Feb 24 02:02:04 EST 1996

A close reading of Arora indicates that there may be some utility to this
mushroom as a source of dye.  Why anyone would think that this is
**edible**, is beyond me.

Interesting note: The type species for Hydnum is Hydnum repandum.  Since
H. repandum is white-spored, it makes sense to retain the white-spored
Hydnums, and shift the brown-spored to Sarcodon.  Unfortunately, some
mycologists shift the white-spored "hydnums" to the genus Dentinum, and
retain the brown-spored as Hydnums (thus removing the type species from
the genus (bad taxonomy?)).  Although few enough amateurs are interested
in taxonomy (as an identifier for two local clubs, and a member of a group
which creates keys for amateurs, I can claim some small interest), it's
important to keep at least the rudiments in mind.

Inform the local retailer.  They've been sold a bill of goods -- taken for
a ride as it were.  These follks now little enough about the identity of
the mushrooms they sell, and have to take their supplier at his word.

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