Radiation & Mycorrhizae

Peter Oei poei at telebyte.nl
Sun Feb 25 16:58:19 EST 1996

egrunden at prairienet.org (Eric Grunden) wrote:
>I'm currently working on a paper discussing the effects
>of human society/acivities on mycorrhizal growth and
>colonization. While I have found many interesting
>resources regarding things like sewage sludge, fertilizers,
>industrial waste, etc. I have yet to locate any articles
>or texts that discuss the effects of nuclear testing/radiation
>on mycorrhizae. Any leads or suggestions?  Thanks.....
>						= eg =

There were some articles on the uptake of caesium after the Chernobyl 
fallout. Check: Ernst, W.H.O, &Rooij, L.F. 134/137 Cs fallout in from 
Chernobyl in Dutch forests. In: Proc. Int. Conf. Heavy Metals in teh 
Enviroment, (Lindbergh & Hutchinson, edt) CEP Consultants, Edingburgh, 

I remember a forest walk during which we picked Paxillus involutus; the 
sample was tested for the uptake of Caesium and contained large amounts 
of it; what we collected from the forest had to be treated like nuclear 

Peter Oei

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