Activation of spores/ascospores

Michael Enk c918196 ibtme at
Mon Feb 26 17:19:21 EST 1996

Hi Everybody

I am a student at the Technical University of Denmark. I am currently 
working with fungi isolated from either cakes or in connection with the 
production e.i. from the air, the machines etc. Most of the isolated 
fungi are members of the Eurotium genus. 

The problem is, that it can be months before there is any visible growth 
on the cakes. Often air samples show nothing, but growth on the cakes 
indicate something quite different. It was not possible to find any 
growing fungi at the factory.

I am trying to find a way to activate the growth of the fungi. I have 
been thinking of using heat and/or microwaves to activate the 
spores/ascospores. I would like to hear from anybody with experience with 
either of the two methods or maybe a their method. 

Another problem is the separation of the ascospores from the spores. I 
have been think about killing the spores in 70% ethanol or using sonication.

Any comments or ideas would be appreciated. Either mail me or post to the group.

Have a nice day

Michael Enk
ibtme at

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