Solid media types?

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Hi John
There is quite a bit of research on the biology of matsutake in the U.S., 
Canada, and Mexico.  Ignacio Chapela and I recently coordinated a workshop 
at the 1995 Mycological Society of America meeting.  The topic you are 
asking about was one covered extensively, including an excellent review by 
Redhead, and a number of chapters by the people listed below.  We are 
publishing the proceedings soon and the information on that publication can 
be obtained at the following website.

Some of the people involved include - in Canada: Scott Redhead (Ottawa),
Shannon Berch, Nelly DeGeus (B.C.), Dave Pilz, Randy Molina, Mike Castellano 
and others in Corvallis with the U.S. Forest Service, and Ignacio Chapela 
and others in Mexico and other latinamerican countries.

I'd be happy to provide more information - just let me know or contact 
Chapela at ichapela at

Mary Palm

From: John Keough
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Subject: Re: Solid media types?
Date: Saturday, February 24, 1996 9:22AM

Could anyone help me with my research of the matsutake (pine) mushrom of
Coastal B.C.  Where I might find book or phamplet, research on it etc...?
 Thanks,   John

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