Wood dacay fungi

Sally Fryar Sally.Fryar at FLINDERS.EDU.AU
Mon Feb 26 08:28:33 EST 1996

>>It depends on the species. Some species seem to parasitize (the mycelium
>of) other polypores or at >least
>>decay dead basidiocarps.  Especially in the genera Antrodiella and
>Skeletocutis this is often seen up
>>here in the north.  Other species often seem to appear together.
>>There was a paper on this matter by Tuomo Niemel=E4 in Annales Botanici
>Fennici 32:3 (1995).
>>Stefan Jakobsson

Thank you very much for your help.  I would appreciate the contact
information of the authors.

I also find some species appearing together consistently and wonder whether
or not they are parasitizing the mycelium of other fungi.  This needs a lot
more investigation in the southern hemisphere.

Sally Fryar

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