Truffle crisis

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Wed Feb 28 10:19:05 EST 1996

The problems with wild truffle and other edible mushrooms in Europe have
been shown to be the caused by pollution.
But cultivation of the Tuber melanosporum is established in New Zealand
and now in the Carolinas as well as Europe.
The Chinese Himalayan truffle' was reported to be used to adultrate the
French Perigord truffle.
However, the Chinese truffle is now being sold as itself currently on the
market for the first time this winter.
It is going for about the same price as the NW Black truffle. Some chefs
have lauded it, while others prefer the NW black truffle.
The variation in prices for truffles run from a bottom of about $50 a lb.
(wholesale) for the white truffle from the NW, and up to $1500 for the
best white truffles from Italia.
The cultivated French Black Truffle is the equal of its wild cousin.
I am a wild and exotic mushroom distributor in New Orleans.
I have learned more about edible mushrooms in five years in this biz, than
twenty years of wild mushroom hunting around the world.
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