Lobsters taste great in the Ivory Towers

Eric Hirst eric at u.washington.edu
Wed Feb 28 18:17:35 EST 1996

>>So while the local mycologists won't eat
>>them, me and my friend are both enjoying them in season and making money
>>off of selling them to the chefs.
>>I think the academic community has to decend from its Ivory Tower and get
>>down with the real experts on wild edible mushrooms. People like me.

Hey wait, I'm in academia.  After a few years of throwing out lobsters
because I couldn't seem to make them taste good,  I've had some great
successes cooking them like their seabound cousins, i.e. with butter
and lemon as base flavors.  Sauteed potatoes and a bit of hard cheese
can also go well with these and other russulas.
Eric Hirst
eric at u.washington.edu

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