Lobsters taste great in the Ivory Towers

Jack Murphy jmurphy at FMNH785.FMNH.ORG
Wed Feb 28 14:25:23 EST 1996

In regards to the following comments posted to the mycology net concerning
eating lobster mushrooms (Hypomyces lactofluorum):

>So while the local mycologists won't eat
>them, me and my friend are both enjoying them in season and making money
>off of selling them to the chefs.
>I think the academic community has to decend from its Ivory Tower and get
>down with the real experts on wild edible mushrooms. People like me.

Careful there, Mr/Ms Mycophagy;
        Generalizations like the one you make there about the academic
community might be considered offensive to some.  I work in what some might
consider an "Ivory Tower," but the fact that I can't identify the species of
Russula which is host to the Hypomyces of the Lobster fungus doesn't bother
me, since I know of no reports that eating Lobster fungi (properly
identified) have caused illness.
        Perpetuating the division between academic and nonacademic mushroom
hunters makes about as much sense as perpetuating racism, sexism, religious
discrimination, and the like, and does no service to anyone whatsoever.



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