PETRI Dishes

smokinjoe at smokinjoe at
Thu Feb 29 07:30:26 EST 1996

I was just wondering is anyone had any info of auppliers of
inexpensive plastic Petri Dishes (100mm?) Standard mycological dishes.

One other question,  I own 10 Glass Petri Dishes, but have yet to
develop an effective technique for sterilization.  Mind you, I do all
of my work in the "Home Kitchen Laboratory", w/ 921 pressure cooker,
and a homemade glove box(10 Gallon Fish tank w/Plastic covering).
Also,I do not have a Petri Dish rack for the cooker, but even if I
did, wouldn't the dishes become (infected, non-sterile),  when they
were being removed from the cooker and being placed in the glove box,
without the use of a HEPA???.

One final question, Does anyone know of any sources of fresh hard wood
chips in the NYC area, maybe even Long Island???

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions?


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