Fish fungus infection

Lester Pasarell Lester.Pasarell at UTMB.EDU
Thu Feb 29 09:22:45 EST 1996

>   I have a fish infected with body fungus, appearing as a patchy  
>translucent fluffy growth on its body. Any suggestions on how to treat 
>this will be greatly appreciated.

There is a big possibility that what you are observing is not a "real" fungus
and that is a parasite that is commonly called "ick"
Many of the common infectionss in fresh water aquarium fish (you did not mention
if you had fresh water vs salt ) are cured by treating them with a solution of
formalin/methylene blue and by increasing the temperature of the long as you don not
have real plants in the set up. 
Information about fish diseases are found in the rec.aquaria FAQ and the
FAQ and in many places in the WEB ...but is you need more assistance e mail me,
I just happen to enjoy the hobby of Aquariums...... (-:

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