Fri Jan 5 12:26:53 EST 1996

Dear Medical Mycologist:

I am pleased to announce a two-day workshop, "Keys to Success in Medical 
Mycology" to be held May 16-17, 1996 prior to the annual meetings of the 
Medical Mycological Society of the Americas and the American Society for 
Microbiology in New Orleans. This is the seventh year that a special 
topics medical mycology workshop has been cosponsored by the Texas 
Department of Health and the National Laboratory Training Network.  The 
event is not affiliated with any professional society.  Laboratory 
facilities in the Tulane University School of Medicine will be the site of 
the workshop.  Mycologists who must identify fungal specimens ranging 
beyond the routine species will gain valuable information from this 

Workshop instructors will be Richard Summerbell, Ph.D. and Guy St-Germain, 
B.S., Canadian mycologists and authors of "Identifying Filamentous Fungi - 
A Clinical Laboratory Handbook," a valuable new tool for mycologists.  
These recognized authorities will guide participants through a review of 
120 fungal isolates including selected unusual hyaline and dematiaceous 
hypomycetes, arthroconidial fungi, and Zygomycetes.  Some groups of fungi 
will be treated to the species level.  With a full understanding that 
knowing where to go for help can be half the problem, Summerbell and St-
Germain will offer insightful tips on selecting an appropriate key to 
assist you in making accurate identifications.  Participants will view 
microscopic demonstrations of the fungi and gain familiarity with eight 
keys and identification guides.  Continuing education credits through the 
American Society for Clinical Laboratory Sciences will be awarded to 

The fee for this program is $220 for registrations prior to April 5 and 
$260 after that date.  Through special arrangements with the publisher, we 
will be able to offer to participants who wish to purchase it, a copy of 
the St-Germain/Summerbell text at a cost of $37.50, a discount of 25%.

To receive the necessary registration form, including instructions for fee 
payment, contact by phone, FAX or return e- mail:

James L. Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
phone 512-458-7566
FAX 512-458-7672

jharris at

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