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>For anyone out there willing to give me their advice-
>I'm doing a project for my biology class in which my >teacher wants me to find the complete classification >(kingdom...species) of "bracket fungi."
>I have searched all over the Internet and located numerous 
>pictures of fungi, but I've never discovered the >scientific name of bracket fungi.  Even if it's not an >individual species, what is the 
>scientific name of the genus/family/etc???
>  Kindly direct responses via e-mail to: jknobler at
>Thank you!!!

Hi Jonah.  The term "bracket fungus has no real 
taxonomic meaning, but rather refers to a general 
growth habit that may be taken on by fungi in many 
groups, all of which are in the subdivision 
Basidiomycotina, class Hymenomycetes, order 

There are many many species (thousands?) of what one might 
consider bracket fungi, which is a general term used to 
describe what a mycologist would call a "reflexed" or 
"effused-reflexed" fruiting body.  Most of these would be 
in the Aphyllophorales in the Polyporaceae (in perhaps over 
70 genera), bur there are also a large number found in the 
Hymenochaetaceae (Phellinus and Inonotus come to mind)

Depending on what you want to call a "bracket fungus" you 
might also find examples in the Corticiaceae, Steraeaceae, 
and perhaps even in the Russulaceae (e.g. Bondarzewia)

Hope this helps.

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