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>When can I expect to find morels on Vancouver Island?
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We usually plan our SVIMS (South V. Isl. Myc. Soc.) morel forays for around
Easter or mid April, whichever comes before.  Morels fruit here from that
period right through June, in the case of M. deliciosa.  As for where...  
The scarcity of limestone in the S. Island makes this a relatively poor area 
for morels, although many of our members have secret patches where they are
locally very abundant.  I don't know much about the North Island, which has
more limestone according to the maps.  Areas rich in calcium and other 
minerals, such as burnt areas, barbeque pits, seashell middens, etc. are 
often productive here. Unfortunately (for morel hunters), fire control on the
Island has been rather effective lately.  I've just about given up looking for
the few I do find, and have started to concentrate on cultivation.  If anyone 
out there wishes to join SVIMS, drop me a line. -RSW

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